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The NFT project that represents the Internet learner.






Total random Lirners NFTs

Fair launch. All Lirners are minted
at 0.05ETH

All rights to Lirners holders

100% utility as goals are
accomplished on roadmap

Get to know your Lirner

Aside from totally awesome assets, the invisible force that completes your Lirner is the burning desire to learn.

For those damaging their ignorance and embarking on a curious journey on the Internet.





Lirner A is consisted of: HEADWEAR (Sombrero), BODY (Brown), EYES (Lasers), MOUTH (Robot Grill), and CLOTHING (Devil Suit).

Lirner B is consisted of: HEADWEAR (Builders Hat), BODY (Marshmallow), MASK (Martian), and CLOTHING (Letterman Jacket)



Web3 School

​We are not building a digital game but a digital school. We will be focusing on covering 7 main areas in web3. NFTs, DeFi, Social Connections, Cryptoeconomics, DAOs, Blockchain Development, and a General Study. This will be a peer-to-peer school with a constant expert appearance.

Lirn DAO
& Grants

We will be building a Lirn DAO with the focus to reward grants to community projects that are education-based. For every mint sale .005 eth will be sent to our DAO wallet and for our secondary sales, 5% of the sales go to the DAO to continue funding the grants. Holders will vote on future decisions of the DAO's capital allocation and governance.

Professional Network for Lirners & Builders

Everyone in web3 has value they can contribute. Our goal is to create a professional network for our holders to gain access to individuals who are interested in connecting or collaborating together. Essentially a Lirners LinkedIn.


Coachella meets Academia. We will be throwing in-person events with the purpose of providing an amazing education experience for several domains. NFTs holders will get special perks to these in-person events.

Real Time Cohort-Based

Web3 is constantly evolving and getting experts to take the time to share what they know is challenging. We will be focusing on bringing on subject matter experts to create real-time cohort-based courses so people can learn cutting-edge areas as a community.

Expand Lirner Species 

Each Lirner has an entity type. We will be creating entity-type-based NFTs and the genesis Lirners will be the rarest and utilized NFT in those collections. We plan on expanding Lirners into a multi-dimensional species.

Cognia. The Intellectual Heaven

Imagine Disneyland meshed with a University. We want to buy physical property to create a campus that is intellectual heaven. The purpose of Cognia is to create a space that intrinsically expands the spread of learning.


Our most ambitious take is to launch a protocol that will create an economy for the exchange of value in education. Learners and educators will be incentivized through cryptoeconomics to learn and educate. We will launch a token that will reward all people that partake in this new economy. Equally exciting, through this protocol, we will be able to validate proof of education with blockchain technology.



Humanity constantly flirts with the edge of possibilities. Every once in a while, boundaries break and create a ripple effects that changes the trajectory of civilization.

In the year 2032, a creation of new elements and systems changed the future of everything.

We don’t say this lightly, the scale of this change is comparable to that of the the big bang.

Zealous artificial-intelligence scientists and complexity theorists created a digital metaverse where matter behaves the same as it does in our reality.

Stars and planets are rendered, full of endless variables interacting with each other. A boundless vacuum of space and possibilities.The scientists hard-coded a specific planet called Cognia host a species that an entity with an endless loop to develop its consciousness.

Cognia was built in the image of intellectual heaven.

The entity Cognia would host is known as a Lirner.

Lirners had all the matter in the universe at their disposal to learn. Within a short time frame, everything changed.In a flick, nothing made sense yet everything made sense.

Everything was nothing and nothing was everything.

A new rule of thinking rippled among the universe and into our universe.

Here we begin the lore of how Lirners and Cognia changed everything we could imagine. 


Lirners were created by previous co-founders who have been building in the edtech space for several years. They've built and scaled an edtech platform called with the goal to bring education on the web.They are now focusing on bringing education onto the web via blockchain. Creating a collection with the focus to merge education, utility, and NFTs is the first step to change the system of education.

Read more about their story here.

Agustin Cortes

Tokenomic Lead

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Carlos Miranda

Lead Developer

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Luis Fausto

Project Artist

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Frequently asked


Join us in building a new education infrastructure!

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