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Lirners Post-Mint Action Plan

Hello, fellow Lirners.

Congratulations on obtaining a Lirner NFT. May it be a part of your essence. I am writing this document as a business operation article that aims to help Lirners.

Growing a collection needs effective execution, similar to a startup. Creating a product people want, exciting marketing, technical implementation, and the mix of skills come together to create something good. We want Lirners to be something good out there.

To do this, we need to coordinate together collectively. Every single holder in this collection has ownership invested in this project. The fact that you own a genesis NFT means you can be part of the rocket that changes everything. The mission is ambitious, and you have my word that we will find ways to reward back our community. However, this probably won’t be easy, and this why I want to introduce strategic methods on how we could strengthen Lirners.

Keep in mind that our mission is educated centric, not hype centric. Hype moves fast but crashes. Education steadily pushes everything forward.

With that being said, here are two plans of action that can happen. I give a one-liner overview for each, the probability I believe they will happen, context, and plan of action.

Plan A:

Since we were not marketing FOMO-centric, we will comparingly take longer to sell out due to our pursuit of attracting a stronger community. This could cause a level of FOMO inside the project, but ideally, that should repel those who are not believers. According to our form submission form 94% of the presale members plan on hodling. Currently, we have about 100 entries on the presale list. Each wallet has a max mint of 3. If all wallets mint their 3, then we’d mint 300 units. I understand that number may be concerning seeing the movement of the current bull run.

Our belief stands strong because we know the audience we are trying to attract is out there, we just need to break through the noise. When we were building, we would get thousands of messages from people around the world showing support to the mission. Since we pivoted to web3, our demographic became much more niched and we are now focused on finding these people. All around the world, people are looking to be part of the new system of education.

Additionally, we are also building Our web3 startup focused on bringing a marketplace for NTT (non-transferable tokens) to create a Lirner identity. These ventures can work in parallel because the profit we obtain for Lirners goes full circle into funding the venture. The long-term outcome of is to raise capital and redistribute ownership to the holders. This approach will be tricky to navigate as we do not want to get tagged as a security.

Plan B:

If Lirners were to get into the public eye and a wave of buyers emerged, we should at least be prepared. When collections move fast, they have to ship fast results. However, the benefit of selling quickly is the momentum could be cycled to allow for significant capital allocation, whether it’s paying for a collab with a big project, scaling ads, or hiring talent. At the time of writing, we are experiencing a bull market, but most of these projects benefit from FOMO. Ironically, I believe if we were in a bear market, it would’ve been easier to stand out from the noise.

Regardless of what happens, here are strategic next steps.

  • We all become Marketers.

  • How to market a collection

  • Be an apostle for the belief. If a collection stands behind something, use your voice to channel the belief. People will follow you & your correlation to the collection will be a good signal.

  • Showcase highlights happening inside the community. Screenshots of chats/events

  • Organically shill. Knowing when to shill and mentioning why you stand behind it is an authentic way of recommendation

  • Put your NFT unit number on your bio. You see this with punks or bayc. Putting the unit number you own on your bio is a very high signal to the collection

  • Make it your pfp. Repping a pfp means you stand behind the art, culture, and belief of the collection

  • Engage with other members on social. This shows the world that members engage and care about each other

  • Talk about updates happening in the project. We're all salespeople reporting to the public.

  • Get the art physically made. Making the artwork tangible brings it to another level. Merch, prints, etc

  • Develop slang/terms. Slang is internal linguistic culture.

  • Create memes. This works better for some collections, but memes of productions exponentially expand ideas. Ask Martin Luther on this.

  • Recruit the right members. Community culture fit is priceless. Quality members go a long way.

  • We start building

  • Let the building make the noise

  • We will promote milestones and accomplishments to the public to attract attention

  • Our roadmap is focused on solving problems in education that have a high potential for product-market fit

  • As the systems strengthen, we will find methods to compensate our members

  • Ideally too our builds will be revenue centric meaning that we will be creating vehicles of business that will allow us to sustain ourselves

  • Hodl

  • Collections that have hodlers show conviction of belief


Thank you once again for being part of this journey. Lirners have now embarked on the blockchain, and we need to execute well. I hope this document was insightful and sparked inspiration for the future we are about to build. May we Lirn endlessly.

- Agustin Cortes

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