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Lirners, The Internet Learners

“Athletes have Nike.

Adventurers have GoPro.

Cypherpunks have Cryptopunks.

Internet learners now have Lirners.”

All of these brands are a form of a lifestyle identity. On February 1st, 2022, a new identity will permanently be added to the blockchain. An identity that should’ve existed a long time ago but unfortunately hasn’t. All the people around the world that educate themselves online will now have a lifestyle brand to represent them. Together, we will stamp the identity of internet learners into history.

The name Lirners is inspired by how Apple coined the word iPhone. Apple decided to name the new invention the iPhone because it was the first internet phone. We want a name to represent the internet learner and we feel Lirners is a perfect fit.

Creating a brand is not our end goal. In fact, it’s just a stepping stone. Lirners are on a mission to create a protocol that will validate education on the web. Currently, education on the internet does not get tied to an individual’s identity. All the learning activity stays on an app’s database, making it impossible for people to build learner identities on the internet. We are the first NFT project focused on creating an education protocol to validate education on the web. Our solution is to leverage blockchains’ open data to build a learner identity based on their learning activities. Lirners’s parent company will use the funds generated from the NFTs to build an open protocol that will validate an internet learner’s identity.

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