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A Team Tackling
Legacy Education

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Agustin Cortes

Ever since I was a kid, I would get lost thinking about thinking. It wasn't until I started taking control of my own education when I started to feel in control of my destiny. Education is the fabric that progresses individuals and society. It's my lifelong mission to create a new system of education that accelerates humanity forward.

Carlos Miranda

Adapting has been key for me since a young age, I carried that towards my professional career making me want  . I had huge issues learning through k-12th grade, I always knew there was a better system that can be implemented. This is why I joined forces to have education be truly democratized. All people should have access to lectures and support structures that work for them.
We build together ❤️

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Luis Angel Fausto

Tinkering with things has always been part of my character. Whether it was building things with popsicle sticks or drawing on paper, I have always been drawn to creating. Being a first-generation Mexican American has also fueled me to build a better tomorrow. Today, we start with education. A core pillar of people's life that needs to be more optimized for human nature: curiousity. ❤️

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